“Drama” – Mink Eyelashes


Not all drama is good drama, unless your talking about

Badazzled Goddess Eyelashes!

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If you want your eyelashes to look like you have on individuals, then these are for you! These amazing 3D mink Lashes are soft to touch and can be used more than once. These lashes will also give you an amazing dramatic effect hint the name “Drama”.

Eyelash Care Tips:

  • Be very gentle with your lashes
  • Try to keep your lashes free from any excess products.
  • To remove your lashes use a eyelash remover
  • Make sure to clean the band after use (you can find many videos on Youtube on how to clean the band of your eyelashes)
  • Store lashes away in a “Mink Eyelash Safe Case”(You can find these on our website)