Promo Guide to a Successful Beauty Business (eBook)


Aren’t you tired of seeing your sales and Instagram engagement be at a stand still? This is the exact reason why you should look into purchasing this book! We have all the juicy secrets no one really tells you.

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Let me guess! Sales are minimum to none and it seems like your Instagram is just not growing no matter what you do, right? Yea I know. been there, done that , and don’t want to go back! This book was created just for those who own a beauty business (hair, makeup, accessories, skincare products, hair care products). If you own any of those types of businesses listed in parenthesis please invest in this book! Not only do you receive promoters to promote with on Instagram for under $15 but you will also get helpful tips, a link to an AMAZING video that is guaranteed to boost your sales IF you actually take notes and take in everything that is said in that video and use the promoters listed in this book.