About us

Badazzled Goddess provides every goddess babe with the BEST OF THE BEST. From products all the way to customer service. It’s important that our goddess babes come first!

Besides our own ideas, we  would love to hear yours. It could be absolutely anything.  If there is a certain item you would like to see added in our cosmetic line or maybe you have tips to help us improve. We want to hear it all. Contact us and let us know by clicking the green “contact us” buton at the bottom of  your screen. After all if it wasn’t for YOU and YOUR support we wouldn’t be here.

Our range of products consists of many makeup products that’ll bring you positivity, inspiration, motivation, happiness and confidence in who you are. After shopping with Badazzled Goddess there’s a guarantee you’ll have a smile once you find the goodies in your package. Our store’s mission is to provide every woman with items that make them feel amazing, confident, and of course like the goddess that you truly are. Our motto stands for: “Look flawless and feel confident”. Confidence is key in all of our products as we value our goddesses and create/sell our products with love and happiness.


I’m very pleased that you had a chance to visit my website! Me and my team work hard to produce only high-class products. I value and care about each and every one of you so much. I hope you will find many different items you’ll like as you surf Badazzled Goddess.


We provide cosmetics that hold a valuable message behind it which is staying true to who are you, feeling happy about who you are, being positive about who you are while motivating/inspiring people to love who they are. If the product doesn’t pass our satisfaction test, it’s not released. We demand being extremely confident in all our new releases because we want you  to have a smile on your face when receiving your product(s).

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